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Non Anesthetic
Dog Teeth Cleaning

$15 OFF until June15th

Your dog stays awake and happy during the procedure. Done by technicians that are specially trained to perform a safe and thorough dental cleaning on your pet without anesthesia.




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Mobile Service

We have fully equipped vans to perform all the service in front of your home. We have been in the pet market for over 15 years.

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Palm Beach County
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Broward County

The Process

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Step one

We sit at eye level, hugging them in a comfortable position which allows us to perform our procedure.

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Step two

The technician spends a few minutes bonding with your pet before start a full oral exam.

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Step three

We use gentle holding techniques to removes all plaque and tartar buildup. 

Award Ribbon
Last step

We clean under the gumline, polished each teeth and rinse for freshness.


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The Transformation

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